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◆ Adavanced Sales Experience Support

     Building a global distribution network--Providing '1 to 1 service' support for diabetics.

◆ No.1 Production Capacity

      We are the biggest BGM manufacturing facility company in Asia, the annual production capacity of glucose meter is 8 million, and the annual production capacity of glucose test strip is 6 billion.

◆ R&D

   There are 4 major R&D centers in the world, they are work cooperate closely, giving full play to the professional advantages of their respective regions, and bringing innovation results integrating global wisdom. Sinocare is on the way to become an expert in diabetes management.

◆ Training Support

      We can provides agencies with product expertise and sales skills training, technology knowledge and excellent team building training.

◆ Marketing Promotion Activity Support

   We will exhibit the international & regional tradeshows and support the agencies exhibiting other regional marketing activities.

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